Workflow Step by Step

Follow these steps to upload new trail pictures.

# Images

Find recent Photos from iCloud. Export as jpeg, large size and smallest quality and location info into trails/to_load.

Spring 2023 Confirm no unplaced photos. Drag to_load into asset. Expect to see images for upload.

Click images to make template. Drag image and marker to existing trail or Create New Page from template.

Photo with Map Template discard once used.

# Trails

Cross Check Lists expecting to see new trails.

Places I Have Been gets new markers.

Places Detailed to update markers.json. [scan] & [all]

Chronological Wandering to update images.json.

Check that upload thumbnails have have been placed.

Move to_load files to loaded folder.

# Lists

Places to Consider remove markers, update trails.json.

Creeks I have Crossed when we have many.

Round Walls add trails and fork in remote list.