Powers Marine Park

I looked for access to the trail that followed the trolly tracks while heading north on Route 43 from my exit from River View Natural Area. After several small turnouts I found stairs into the part at the north end of a larger one.

I joined the trail heading further north until I encounter a rock path over a dry stream bead. This was far enough.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Location Details 45.4602398, -122.6663017 Creek Crossing 45.4522830, -122.6595530 Driveway BOUNDARY 45.4488002, -122.6808071 BOUNDARY 45.4649353, -122.6488781

I rode south past my entrance looking for a driveway back to the highway. This appeared a few blocks south of the park boundary after riding on the rail ballast past no trespassing signs.

I returned to pavement directly opposite Radcliffe Court.