River View Natural Area

I entered from the east end of Brugger Street and followed trail 7 downhill to Route 43 by the river.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

River View Natural Area OVERLAY http://trails.ward.asia.wiki.org/assets/pages/river-view-natural-area/river-view-trails.png 45.4520218,-122.6762713 45.4606448,-122.6601572 BOUNDARY 45.4520218,-122.6762713 BOUNDARY 45.4606448,-122.6601572 45.4558104, -122.6699962 45.4555462, -122.6640379

The trail was easy riding except for 300 feet of steep downhill near the bottom. This I walked and found even that difficult.

I stopped at at tight switchback near the bottom and gazed into the deep ravine below me.