Bull Mountain Park

Today I approached this park via steep uphills from the east. A year ago the steeper western approach led to my most dangerous spill to date. See Morningstar Greenway

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

45.4195583, -122.8105694 google map 45.4194194, -122.8106528 45.4195667, -122.8111333 45.4195667, -122.8112722 45.419425, -122.8117139 45.4194361, -122.812425 45.418925, -122.8130639

Sign says "Bull Mountain Park, 900 feet". The steep uphill scares me off so I try the Fernridge Terrace entrance.

Wow that is steep when viewed from the top.

From here, 400 feet. I walk my bike.

Yes, that is a welcome drinking fountain on the left.