Morningstar Greenway

Wide smooth dirt and gravel made the north end of this trail easy going with good creek views.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

45.42174444444444, -122.81194166666667 google map 45.418613888888885, -122.81507777777777 45.4187658, -122.8146968 45.4189993, -122.8145988 45.4191852, -122.8136095 45.4193030, -122.8133690

The trails became more difficult as I climbed up out of the creek canyon heading toward my exit on Morningstar Drive.

After passing this picnic table I expected trail to be easier, but not so. I took a spill that I don't remember but I do know that I was helped up by the only hiker I saw that day.

I walked my bike up and out which wasn't far but still not good trail. Still shaken up I just turned when my gps said turn and eventually found myself on familiar roads heading home.