Woods Memorial Natural Area

SW Woods Parkway loops through the park and provides access to four trailheads that lead downhill toward Woods Creek.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

45.4574942, -122.7262665 45.4583555, -122.7248472 google map 45.4575130, -122.7233575 OVERLAY http://trails.ward.asia.wiki.org/assets/pages/woods-memorial-natural-area/woods-memorial-trail-system.jpg 45.4547044, -122.7271293 45.4614665, -122.7199731

This steeply sloped site is part of the Fanno Watershed, containing the headwaters of the two forks of Woods Creek. Although most of the park was logged about one hundred years ago, there are still some historic trees. It offers a natural setting that attracts wildlife in the quiet woods, along the creek, and in the meadow. site