Vermont Creek at St John Fisher

My rambles had led me to the woods at the east end of SW Texas Street but I had no idea that there was a trail until I saw it on the map. Head south one half block on SW 49th Avenue. Find the trail head behind the driveway right in front of you.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

45.47345277777778, -122.72624166666667 45.473641666666666, -122.72605833333334 google map 45.4735012, -122.7271180 45.47448333333333, -122.72731666666667 45.475230555555555, -122.72728611111111

This was tough passage for me. I slipped early and fell into brambles. Ouch. The bridge was just a board. I shuffled sideways sharing the board with my bike knowing if I slipped there was a log behind me protecting my fall.

On switchbacks climbing the east side I first catch a glimpse of the chain-link fence blocking my way forward. Kids have faced this before me an warn a path along the fence to the church parking lot.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Entering SW 49th Street from Vermont we dead end at the St John Fisher playing fields from which another steep trail runs down the creek and a well groomed back yard on the far side. From here a well traveled foot trail heads south.

Further north a short fork of Vermont Creek is visible from the road looking idilic in the late evening sun.