Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Tualatin Hills Nature Park

I entered the north entrance and crossed Cedar Mill Creek wetlands.

I rode the asphalt, bikes-welcome, trail that lead to the welcome center mid-park east and from there to the westside exit. Walkers can get closer to Beaverton Creek on less developed trails.

Cyclist were ask to dismount for bridges and boardwalks, good advice in the fall and winter but pointless except for sharing with pedestrians if there were any. I dismounted once.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

45.503794444444445, -122.84094166666667 google map 45.4983528, -122.8398361 45.501533333333334, -122.84991388888888 45.50074444444444, -122.85216388888888

The Lily Pond began as an oxbow bend left behind when Beaverton Creek changed course. The creek flows into it again during floods. expand

We cross 170th to get this clear view of Beaverton Creek heading west now outside the park.