Taylor's Creek Park and Wetland

We followed Ash Creek to this location but were unable to see any way into the space with the full summer foliage blocking the views. Less so in February but entering from the south was a slog.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

45.452961111111115, -122.76220833333333 google map 45.4528, -122.76238888888889 45.452847222222225, -122.76175555555555 45.45314722222223, -122.76159722222222 45.45289722222223, -122.76068055555555 45.454547222222224, -122.75905555555556

Here we see into the space from SW Cedarcrest after squeezing past the yellow moving van blocking this entrance.

Norhteast corner at Taylor's Ferry Road after following the Ash flow south along SW 80th.