Sylvania Natural Area Park

I was chasing SW Trails #7 where I ended up finding this park from 53rd before I realized it was my last destination for the day that I expected to find from Capital Highway. That then became my exit.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

45.44325, -122.73184166666667 google map 45.44311111111111, -122.73132222222222 45.443241666666665, -122.73248333333333 45.4425369, -122.7316135 45.4437517, -122.7315317

Partnering with Portland Parks and Recreation, the PCC Sylvania Restoration Habitat Team began removing invasive English Ivy in December 2005 and has continued invasive species removal and native plantings with funding from the City of Portland’s Community Watershed Stewardship Program. Upper Red Rock Creek runs through this 3.12 acres natural area park. pcc portland

Note: Red Rock Creek is also called Sylvania Creek on some maps. This is unrelated to Rock Creek and Sylvan Creek. No originality here. Not like Wiki Creek.