SW 45th Avenue Connector

I followed this segment of SW Trails #7 heading north from Cullen. I parked my bike at the first bridge. From their I made it to Fairvale with the aid of my folding walking stick.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

45.48419166666667, -122.72321944444445 google map 45.48450833333334, -122.72319722222223 45.48479444444445, -122.72322777777778 45.48500833333333, -122.72325833333333 45.48535833333334, -122.72316111111111 45.48572222222222, -122.72319722222223

I rode the long way around to Fairvale to snap a picture from below the stairs. Then onward north until the gravel road turned to narrow path and then more stairs than I wanted to think about.