Heron Creek Loop Trail

I quickly left the paved trail but avoided the only damp and muddy trail I saw in the park. This trail stayed in the western higher ground but half-way around I dropped down to the Riverside Loop Trail.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

45.3815694, -122.6361778 google map 45.3799944, -122.6353694 45.3797389, -122.6339417 45.38165, -122.6289361 45.3832778, -122.6284722 45.3833806, -122.6291361 BOUNDARY 45.3777680, -122.6388846 BOUNDARY 45.3860471, -122.6231088

I was more concerned having enough momentum to climb the far side of this quick dip crossing a short fork of Heron Creek. The downhill following a hairpin did me in instead.