Foley-Balmer Natural Area Trail

I rode this easy to find trail when I couldn't find the trail head for other nearby rides. This connects the unmissable Collins Court dead end with the invisible Lancaster Road trailhead tucked in behind a private driveway.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Location Details 45.4563063, -122.7009237 45.4560429, -122.6973295 45.4562235, -122.6998615

Traveling west, a gentle descent to the creek, a well-made bridge, and then a steeper climb up to road level again.

I return, this time spotting the trail from Lancaster Road. I wait patiently, then follow some hikers down the trail.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

45.45626388888889, -122.70094166666667 google map 45.45623888888889, -122.70018888888889 BOUNDARY 45.4547370, -122.7022401 BOUNDARY 45.4567439, -122.6983109

It is interesting to compare the trail and creek detail in the street maps I now use vs the topo map I preferred documenting my first visit.

I don't think it is yet clear whether the bridge I have photographed twice crosses Tryon or Quail Creek which I followed earlier in the afternoon. See Quail Creek Trail