Crossing Wiki Creek

I beat back the blackberries overgrowing the intermittent creek in my back yard. It was nameless so I named it Wiki Creek. That name has worked well for me before.

45.4693326, -122.7456683 45.4711045, -122.7455556 45.4702129, -122.7456307

See the Wiki Creek Field Station first active a dozen years ago. site creek 3d

I set up a mechanism for taking identical panoramic images from a well marked point of view. The trail I made was washed out the next winter and then quickly overrun with new blackberries so I never got a second shot. wiki

I set up a mechanism for observing and recording flow that consisted of a NotchWeir that had problems and a water level sensor that was never built. I had many ideas but had not yet thought of an Air Bubbler