Boulder Creek Trail

The trail is marked for residents and guests only but didn't have the look of anything that was maintained by property owners.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

45.536625, -122.7775333 google map 45.5366667, -122.777725 45.5359694, -122.7777861 45.5352528, -122.7759694 45.5345083, -122.7723167 45.5344306, -122.7704306 45.5341556, -122.7682639

The access trail descended quickly before joining the trail proper. I looked to the west to the creek crossing but then headed east as I had planned.

This was the first of many stairs. I could drag my bike up the short rise with both front and rear tires making the lift at the same time.

The switchbacks were too sharp for me to make the turn and still have enough momentum to keep climbing. My bike's low gear is simply not that low.